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    Jiamba disinfection product is a kind of colorless, slightly chlorine-flavored hypochlorite water (known as "weak acid water" in Japan); Jiamba in many disinfection products is really efficient, safe and portable, only need to spray, sterilization mammoth; Jiamba conforms to the human body's acid-base value, pH 4.0-6.5, skin care and moisturizing, so that you and your family can use it safely

  • Palm vein recognition system

    The development of Chinese security industry has been basically formed, and the considerable size. In twenty-first Century, the security industry has a further development, A new force suddenly rises. construction of intelligent community, intelligent building, and the emergence of a large number of high-tech electronic products, digital products, greatly promoted the development of the security market. The security industry has become Chinese fields of economic construction in an important new force.

  • Luyu Gold plate

    Lu Yu gold plate belongs to the new fire, energy saving, environmental protection materials and the effective thermal insulation materials. Provide high quality, high quality materials, specifications, multi use and subsequent processing of the product to the user in different field all over the world.

  • GAINA coating

    GAINA coating is a multifunctional energy-saving environmental protection coating will be studied in rocket development process of the universe's most sophisticated heat insulation technology is applied to the daily life developed.

  • Li Jie building green wall

    The green wall (wall greening) technology is developing rapidly in China, green wall can be widely used for various green walls, wall greening, greening, landscaping bridge column wall, balcony metope greening, is to build eco city, garden city, garden city, one of the most economic and effective the fastest way. In the traditional and the modern development of alternating pattern, green building and decoration has become the trend of development of construction industry in the future.

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